Please note: in some cases these specials are the last of a certain colour and/or model and/or size and in most cases the last of this stock is on our shop floor.  Which means stock levels can change quicker than what can be updated online.

FOR PRODUCTS WITH "VERY LOW STOCK" please Email before ordering; simply copy and paste the web link of the product you're looking at from your browser, along with your size/colour preference (if applicable) into the email and we'll reply with an update as to whether we do have any left to order.

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Wildo® Spork

Save $0.95
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SlothSak™ Chair

Save $25.95
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Light My Fire

Save $1.95
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SlothSak™ Lounger

Save $30.95
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Baden Powell Metal Tubular Woggle

Save $4.45
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Cub Sixer Sub Book

Save $1.10