Personal Anchor System

Product No: 1037

The PAS is yet another example of Metolius’ commitment to products that are safer by design.  It is designed to give the climber a high-strength anchor connection while threading for the lower, setting up a rappel or belaying.  The PAS should replace the daisy chain that many climbers wear affixed to their harnesses for belay change-overs.  Daisy chains should NOT be used because they are full-strength only when loaded in the end loops (intermediate pockets are only 300 lbf/1.3 kN).  The PAS is super convenient and easily adjustable--just clip the loop which puts you at the correct height and . . . voila!  When not in use, just leave it girth-hitched to your tie-in points, gather the extra loops and clip to the side for compact storage.  The PAS is constructed from our super-strong, proprietary Power Webbing™.
Carabiner not included.
NOTE: Please choose carefully as climbing equipment is non-refundable and non-exchangable. 

Scout Outdoor Centre accepts no responsibility for how this product is used or any injury caused by incorrect use of this product.