Classic Beef Curry

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Heart-warming mix of curried beef, rice and vegetables.

Classic Beef Curry    
Serves per pack125 
Net weight:90 g175 g440 g 
PreparationAdd 250 ml water


Add 500

ml Water

Add 1350 ml Water

Serving size:340 g 338 g 358 g 
Nutrition Information    
  Per servePer 100g% Rec Daily intake
Energy 1612 kJ474 kJ19%
  387 Cal114 Cal 
Protein 16.6 g4.9 g33%
Fat-total13.0 g3.8 g19%
 -saturated3.5 g1.0 g15%
Carbohydrate-total51.3 g15.1 g17%
 -sugars11.2 g3.3 g18%
Dietary Fibre 3.2 g1.0 g11%
Sodium 930 mg273.5 mg40%
Potassium 329 mg96.8 mg16%
Calcium 25 mg7.2 mg3%
Iron 2 mg0.7 mg32%
Zinc 4 mg1.1 mg32%
Vitamin C 61 mg18.0 mg153%
Thiamin 0.2 mg0.1 mg24%
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