Kangaroo Hat

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Jacaru hats are built tough to endure high stress wear, and crafted to deliver unmatchable strength and comfort that can withstand rugged Australian conditions.

100% Australian made, Jacaru products are created with infinite patience, and the closest attention to detail, born of 40 years experience. Our craftspeople work tirelessly to bring you the best!

Jacaru Australias finest. Since 1969





Genuine Kangaroo Leather - Soft to Touch, Smooth Finish, Lightweight with Crushable Crown;

3 Strand Hand Plaited Leather Hatband and Brass Jacaru Badge;

4 Eyelets for Ventilation;

Water Resistant, UV Protective Properties, Durable Leather;

Black, Brown, Sand, Rust all with Natural Markings



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The quality of our Kangaroo leather is guaranteed by the name, Jacaru.

In an effort to survive Australias harsh environment kangaroos have developed unique characteristics.

Kangaroo leather has been conclusively proven to be one of the most durable in the world. Its tight fibre structure makes it light, soft and offers extraordinary flexibility.

As a natural product derived from free ranging animals Kangaroo leather can vary in colour and thickness. The scratches and scarring that are found on your Jacaru product naturally occur on genuine kangaroo leather - A Jacaru hat is as unique as its owner.

Premium Kangaroo skins are hand selected by experienced Jacaru craftspeople for their suppleness, superior strength and water resistance.

Kangaroo leather can endure high stress wear, is resistant to abrasion and has UV protective properties.

This uniquely Australian leather is used throughout the Jacaru range where comfort and durability are a high priority.

To think Kangaroo is to choose Jacaru!



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