Leather Gel 120ml gel

Product No: 08/1690

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Specifically designed for all full-grain leather footwear. Provides deep penetrating weatherproofing to keep your feet dry. Gives leather footwear a rich traditional outdoor look. Ideal for Gore-Tex® footwear, Gore-Tex® XCR® footwear and other waterproof breathable footwear. To weatherproof boots for extreme conditions, apply ReviveX Leather Gel Water Repellent first, then apply ReviveX Nubuck, Suede and Fabric Spray

DIRECTIONS: Test on a small inconspicuous area. Will smooth and darken leather. Not for use on fabric.

For best results, apply to clean, dry footwear with laces removed.

  1. Pour a small amount of ReviveX boot weatherproofing on a clean rag.
  2. Buff into leather surface; ensure all areas are coated evenly.
  3. Allow to dry overnight.

Tips: Two applications increase effectiveness. Allow to dry between coats.

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