ReviveX® Leather Spray Water Repellent

Product No: 081691

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Designed to provide deep penetrating weatherproofing on all full-grain leather boots and shoes. Gives leather footwear a rich, traditional outdoor look. Ideal for all GORE-TEX® footwear, GORE-TEX® XCR® Footwear, eVENT and Sympatex footwear.
DIRECTIONS: Test on a small inconspicuous area. Will smooth and darken leather. Not for use on fabric.
For best results, apply to clean, dry footwear with laces removed.
Clean boots using ReviveX® Boot Cleaner. Rinse well to remove all soap. Allow to dry.
Spray to saturate all boot surfaces. Apply liberally to top and sides of toebox.
After 5 minutes, wipe off excess.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Allow to dry overnight and apply a second coat. 

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