ReviveX® Nubuck, Suede & Fabric Water Repellent

Product No: 087686

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Engineered for the newest generation of nubuck, suede and fabric boots and shoes! Also ideal for Gore-Tex® footwear, Gore-Tex® XCR® footwear and other waterproof breathable footwear. This high performance formula weatherproofs without darkening or smoothing finishes. Ideal for weatherproofing and stainproofing all types of boots and shoes.
DIRECTIONS: Shake bottle. For best results, apply to clean, dry footwear with laces removed. May slightly darken some materials. Test before use.
Spray evenly onto all surfaces.
Allow to soak in for 5 minutes, dab excess with clean cloth.
Allow to dry overnight.

Tips: Spray top and sides of toe area liberally. Two applications increase effectiveness. Allow to dry between coats. 

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