ReviveX® Down Cleaner

Product No: 081693

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Gently restores loft and warmth to down jackets, sleeping bags, comforters and pillows. Unlike household laundry soaps, this specialized commercial-grade formula cleans without detergents and preserves the natural oils in down. The choice of top down jacket, sleeping bag and comforter manufacturers.
Follow manufacturer’s instructions. If unavailable, use the following guidelines. Spot clean heavily soiled areas. Shake bottle before use.
Machine Wash (Gentle Cycle): Use a front-loading washing machine for sleeping bags or other large items. See table below for settings.
Close zippers and Velcro™ tabs
Add Down Cleaner to empty washer according to table below
Load item into washer; use gentle cycle & warm water
Run an additional spin cycle before drying
See drying instructions below
Hand Wash: Use tub or basin.
Mix Down Cleaner with warm water according to table below
Compress item to remove air & place in water
Wash item. Gently knead, removing dirt & stains
Rinse item repeatedly until water runs clear (at least 3 times)
Gently compress or roll item to expel water.
Place in washing machine; use 2 spin cycles to remove excess water before drying
ITEMS                                                                                 Amount
Jacket, pillow or small garment
Down Cleaner: 1oz. (6 capfuls)
Water: 5 gallons (hand wash)
Machine Setting: SMALL or LOW
Sleeping bag or comforter
Down Cleaner: 4oz. (1/2 bottle)
Water: 20 gallons (hand wash)
Machine Setting: LARGE or HIGH

Drying: Proper drying is essential for best results. For maximum loft and to avoid damage, use a large commercial dryer on LOW HEAT. Note: High heat or small (home) dryers can melt synthetic fabrics, causing severe damage. Clean tennis balls may be added to dryer to break up down clumps. Check progress periodically. Dry thoroughly. Open item and allow to air overnight before use or storage. 

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