MSR Quick 2 Pot Set

Product No: 3150

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Total flexibility in an ultralight and compact pot set. The different pot surfacesÑone nonstickÑallow for a wide range of cooking for groups of two or more. From boil-only to the nonstick utility, these pots can cover any backcountry situation.

Diameter: 19.7cm
Height: 12.7cm
Weight: 445g


Dual Cooking Surfaces: Ultralight hard-anodised aluminium; one non-stick and one uncoated for maximum versatility
Compact: Efficient nesting design saves valuable pack room
Modular: Add DeepDish plates and insulated mugs (sold separately), or customise it to suit your needs
Includes: (1)1.5L Nonstick pot, (1) 2.5L Hard-anodised pot, (1) Aluminium strainer lid, (1) Talon pot handle