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Strong, lightweight single tent. The Kyrkja is designed for one person plus luggage. Thanks to a second arch, even tall campers will feel comfortable in this single tent - and have enough room to sleep. The inner tent is already suspended from the outer tent, but it can easily be unbuttoned and taken out. This is a great advantage if it starts to rain, because you can keep the inner tent dry when you're pitching the tent.


Features: One person tent with one large pole and one short pole; Front entrance; Air vent in the inner tent; Includes storage bags for tent, poles, and pins; Scandium tent frame poles;




packing size: 40 x 15 x 15 cm
weight: 1,40 / 1,50 kg
pole: Scandium Light, 8.88mm 
innertent material: 30 D Ripstop Nylon W/R 
fly material: Nylon 6.6 Ripstop Silicon 
measurements: 270 x 125 x 90 cm
water column: Außenzelt = 1.500 
water column: Boden = 8.000 


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