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Hand-Powered, Battery-Free UV Water Purifier
Fill it, Crank it, Drink it! Perfect for Campers or Emergency use. SteriPEN® Sidewinder, the first portable UV water purifier to require no batteries, purifies 1 liter of water in 90 seconds. The SteriPEN Sidewinder features our proven UV system that destroys waterborne bacteria, viruses and protozoa such as giardia and cryptosporidium. This hand-powered system is eco-friendly and can save thousands of plastic bottles from entering landfills. The long lasting Sidewinder purification system includes a one-liter Tritan™ BPA-free bottle and SteriPEN® Pre-Filter for use prior to treatment if the water contains particulates
SteriPEN® Sidewinder is an eco-friendly drinking water solution for outdoor adventurers and campers who don’t want to be tied to batteries.  This long-life, storable water purifier is ready for emergency situations whenever the fresh water supply is disrupted. With the Sidewinder, you can crank up safe drinking water anywhere, anytime.
Hand-Powered, battery-free UV water purifier
UV light effectively destroys waterborne microbes that could make you sick
Long Lasting - UV lamp provides 8,000 water treatments
Disinfects 1 liter (32 oz) in approximately 90 seconds
Easy to use: fill the 1L BPA-free bottle, attach the Sidewinder, flip, and crank until green LED indicates successful purification.
SteriPEN Pre-filter included & useful when water source contains particulates
Tritan™ BPA-free bottle included or use Nalgene®-type wide-mouth bottle
SteriPEN Sidewinder purifies 8,000 liters at less than two cents per liter, about five cents per gallon.
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