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WBA is One Planet's answer to a lightweight, full-sized pack, and it lives up to its moniker: it weighs bugger all. The WBA’s 200 gsm, lightweight canvas is heavier than faddy, ultralight nylon fabrics, but also much tougher, providing greater resistance to UV rays, the weather, and general wear and tear. There is also a bottle pocket behind each wing of the hipbelt.
Canvas-bound seams keep the water out, while the optional daypack can be easily attached to the front or back of the rucksack – an ingenious addition, and very handy for side trips. The Exact Fit harness is designed for loads of up to 25 kilograms, making the WBA well-suited to extended trips. (Eight harness fits are available, and the pack comes in three capacities: 55, 60 and 65 litres.)
There are lighter pack fabrics out there. However, our 200 gsm canvas ticks all the boxes for Australian and New Zealand bushwalking: high UV and water resistance, as well as reasonable scrub resistance.
Additional information from manufacturer
Exact Fit harness
One Planet's Exact Fit is the only large rucksack harness to be endorsed by the Chiropractors' Association of Australia: a testament to its comfort and the low stress it places on the body. We have spent more than two decades continuously improving the Exact Fit harness system, making it the most comfortable, durable and convenient harness on the market.
The Exact Fit harness is now available in up to eight harness fits, with four male and four female fits available in three back lengths. Other brands have a maximum of four harness sizes: whose do you think will fit better? The Exact Fit system aims to give optimum comfort, allow freedom of movement, minimise stresses on the body (especially the spine), and to facilitate an exact fit without the pack leaving your back. So whether you’re shaped like Elle Macpherson or your mum, with a One Planet rucksack you’ll get a comfortable fit.
For a harness to be comfortable and stresses minimised, a large proportion of the load should be able to be carried on the hips. The Exact Fit system has the ability to transfer the majority of the load down the frame to the hipbelt, from where it is distributed evenly around the small of the back and the hips, bypassing the spine and reducing skeletal stress and fatigue.
To stabilise the top part of the pack, a comfortable portion of the load needs to be carried on the shoulders. How much weight is carried here is a matter of personal preference. We recommend adjusting the shoulder strap (the strap under the armpits, which transfers the load between the hips and shoulders) until the most comfortable position is found. The shoulder-strap tension may require adjusting throughout the day as some people prefer it slightly looser when walking uphill, and slightly tighter when walking down.
How the Exact Fit harness system works
This distribution of weight to key areas of the body is allowed by precise control over the relationship between the back length, shoulder straps and hipbelt. Adjustments to these components are easily made while the pack is on your back, so the harness fits exactly, all of the time. Adjusting buckles on either side of the hipbelt make the Exact Fit harness far simpler to use than other harnesses.
The shoulder straps are shaped to distribute weight evenly and over as large an area as possible, eliminating pressure points. Correct positioning is ensured as the Exact Fit harness system enables the user to precisely adjust the length from the hips to the shoulders. This allows the shoulder straps to perform their primary purpose – to stabilise and balance weight in the upper section of the pack.
The hipbelt transfers a large proportion of the load from the pack to the body, making it a vital component of your pack. The angle of the Exact Fit hipbelt is controlled by a buckle, so it can be adjusted to follow the curves of your lumbar and hips. It is also pre-shaped and wrinkle free, guaranteeing a comfortable fit. The two-to-one mechanical-advantage adjustment system means that little effort is required for a snug, load-bearing fit.
The Exact Fit harness system uses an extra heavy-duty, load-bearing hipbelt to prevent the hipbelt foam from distorting when carrying really heavy loads. The shoulder straps are constructed using a combination of high-density EVA foam laminated with breathable, rot-inhibited open-cell foam and a hard-wearing, 500 gsm air mesh in areas in contact with the body. The foam in the hipbelt and shoulder straps has been selected for its suitability for hot Australian conditions. (Excessive heat can affect the structure of closed-cell foam. This, combined with pressure, can permanently damage the foam’s ability to recover from compression.)
Unique bottle-storage pockets are located behind and above the Exact Fit hipbelt (as well as on the Shadow), as shown. This is the optimum load-carrying position, and also gives easy access to your drinks. Bottle hydration units (bottles with hoses) can be used in these pockets, giving ‘on the go’ drink availability, easy refilling and fluid-level monitoring.
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