100% Silk Inner Sheet

Product No: 14764



Lightweight luxurious silk liners increase the warmth and comfort of your sleeping bag. Mont Silk liners are made from high quality yarn and have a high thread count that ensures excellent heat retention and durability.


Use a Mont Silk Inner Sheet and maximise the life of your down sleeping bag, increase the comfort and maximise the warmth. Using a silk inner sheet reduces the amount of body oils that reach down clusters, over time body oils inhibit the performance of down clusters and reduce the warmth of your sleeping bag.Mont Silk Inner Sheets are ultralight, super soft and fast drying. They are ideal for travel and bushwalking and at the end of your trip can be easily machine washed.


Made from 100% ripstop silk
Ideal for travel or bushwalking
Lightweight & compact
Machine washable & durable
Fast drying
Strong double fold seam construction
Weight 124g Standard