Tough Skin

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Rugged, puncture-resistant backpacking mattress.

° Puncture-Resistant: Integrated open- and closed-cell foam construction protects against punctures.
° Backup Comfort: Even punctured, mattress continues to provide essential warmth, comfort, and performance, with the same R-value (3.2) as a ProLite 4™.
° Lightweight: Light and warm enough for everything from thru-hiking to expedition use.
° Stuff Sacks: ToughSkin small fits in a Trail Lite™ Stuff Sack regular and Waterproof Stuff Sack™ regular; ToughSkin regular fits in a Trail Comfort™ Stuff Sack regular and Waterproof Stuff Sack regular.


Ideal for use in thorny environments, desert and winter camping, and expeditions.