First Aid Kit Personal Protection pack

Product No: 086431

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 An essential component of any First Aid Kit and is useful to carry as a stand-alone item such as in the car glove box.

The Personal Protection Pack contains:
* Medical & Kit Information:
o Contents / Instruction Sheet Emergency Action Card:
Use to aid rapid response in emergency situations. Contains an illustrated guide to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and notes on 10 common life threatening emergencies. 
* Personal Protection Items:
o Protective Gloves x 4:
Use for bodily substance isolation i.e. place a glove on each hand before starting First Aid to prevent exposure to bodily fluids (blood, saliva, vomit etc.).
Caution: Use only Nitrile or Vinyl Gloves if allergic to Latex.
Alternatives: Wrap hands in clean plastic bags. Dispose of used gloves in Biohazard Bag. Replace Latex Gloves every 12 months.
o CPR Face Shield (e.g. Resusci Face Shield) x 1:
Use whenever giving CPR as a mouth-to-mouth barrier to protect both the First Aider and the patient from infectious diseases. Dispose of in Biohazard Bag.
o Antiseptic wipes (chlorhexidine/alcohol) x 4:
Use to clean contaminated surfaces of blood, saliva, vomit etc. Dispose of in Biohazard Bag.
o Snaplock Biohazard Bag and Sticker x 1:
Use to identify and pack contaminated materials for appropriate disposal.