Splint and Trauma pack

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An ideal supplement or refill of First Aid Kits for high-risk activities such as climbing, mountain biking, parachuting, paragliding and hangliding.
The Splint and Trauma Pack contains:
Medical Information:
* Contents & Instruction Sheet, Emergency Action Card:
Use to aid rapid response to emergency situations.
Contains an illustrated guide to Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and notes on 10 life threatening emergencies. 
* Wound Cover and Bandaging Material:
o Crepe Bandage (Heavy weight 10cm x 4.5m) x 1:
Use for immobilization and skin pressure in snakebite, compression to reduce swelling, joint support (ankle, knee, wrist) and to secure Splint.
Caution: monitor skin below the bandage for signs of impaired circulation. Loosen bandage if this occurs to restore circulation. 
* Splint and Trauma Items:
o Sam Splint (4 1/4" x 18") x1:
Use to immobilize segments of the upper or lower limb.
Caution: ensure all bony areas are well padded. Instructions for correct use are included in pack.
o Adhesive Tape (Athletic Tape) (2.5cm x 3m) x 1:
Use to secure dressings, strap ankle sprains (if you have had appropriate training), buddy strap fingers and repair equipment.
Caution: Monitor skin distal to strapping for signs of impaired circulation.