Equip First Aid Kit - Family

Product No: 088007

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Designed for: Mum's & Dad's who want a basic urban first aid kit with plenty of room for extra items.
Able to treat: Basic urban injuries such as small burns, cuts & splinters.
Kit Features: High quality bag with plenty of extra room for customisation.
Dimensions: 210 X 160 X 40mm 180gm


Item Quantity
Absorbent Dressing 7.2mm X 5mm 1
Adhesive Tape 1
Antiseptic Wipes 4
Burnaid Gel Sachets 3
Cotton Tips (pkt of 3) 1
Combine Dressing 9cm X 20cm 2
Elastic Gauze Bandage 50mm X 1.5m 1
Elastic Gauze Bandage 75mm X 4m 1
Emergency Action Card 1
Emergency Note Book 1
Flexible Active Strips (bandaids) 15
Gauze Swabs (pkt of 3) 4
Iodine Swab 6
Safety Pins Large 2
Tweezers (fine point) 1
Wound Closure Strips 3
Equip Bag 1