Chalk Bag - GEXI

Product No: 8534

"Hey Crazies, I am Gexi! Bridges, buildings, roofs, walls of any kind; no matter what objects I walk past, I first think how to climb it. Do you feel the same?"
Gexi's new-school climbing already earned him a lot of respect from his friends. It's his way of bringing climbing into urban life by literally climbing everything, and he will continue to push his own limits.
Dazzling as his climbing style. Soft pile lining helps for ideal chalk distribution, while the draw string closure and soft-shell material around the access keep your chalk try. 8bplus chalkbags are well-sized with an extra large and extra stiff access rim, so every time you reach back to chalk up you'll only feel the chalk on your tips. Effortless chalking up.
100% handmade with highest quality in mind. Robust craftmanship, sewed on arms, huge beady eyes and embroidered facial expression make this 8bplus chalkbag something special. 

Comes with
- Clip carabiner
- Soft pile lining
- Multisize waist belt
- Softshell material
- Brush holder
- Polyester fleece
- Extra large and stiff access rim
- Aluminium clip carabiner
Designed for all Boulder and Climbing grades. Especially 8b+ and up.

Developed by Climbers!   Designed in Tirol / Austria!