BlueWater II++ 11.2mm Static

Product No: 14/0031

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Price listed above is per metre.

This is our most popular static kernmantle rope. BlueWater II +Plus is an economical choice for use in caving, rappelling and rescue applications. It utilizes kernmantle construction with a double-twist cable core. Its low static elongation and superior abrasion resistance make it the best all around choice in a static rope. Available in Gold with Blue marker.

Rated to 32.9kN



In rappelling, caving and rescue applications it is important to take measures to protect the rope. Always take care to rig the rope safely and pad any places where it could be cut or abraded. Avoid dragging the rope from side to side under tension as the rock may abrade or saw through it. A rope under tension will abrade much more quickly than one that is not.

It is also important to rappel slowly and in control. Fast bounding rappels are not only unsafe, but can generate enough heat through friction with the rappel device to melt or glaze the sheath of the rope. Once a rope is glazed, it loses a considerable amount of its flexibility and strength. Dirt and mud also contribute to shortening the life of your rope. Keeping your rope clean will give it longer life.


NOTE: Please choose carefully as climbing equipment is non-refundable and non-exchangable. 

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