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The Comfort Plus Regular, with 598 Air Sprung Cells™, is one of the most sensitive and comfortable sleeping pads available. Our Comfort Plus mats are rectangular in shape, ensuring there is sleeping mat wherever you may want it.
The Comfort Plus series are formed using Dual Layer construction—two independent, offset high resolution layers. The higher resolution cell matrices allow greater sensitivity by distributing your body weight and shape over more small cells. The air sprung cells on the top and bottom layers are offset to give more uniform insulation, preventing cold spots. The mat’s firmness can be more finely tuned with Dual Layer construction – The bottom layer is inflated firm for height, then the top layer inflated to the desired comfort level.
If either layer is punctured, the other layer will provide redundancy, keeping you off the ground and sleeping uninterrupted.
The Comfort Plus is available in Regular Rectangular and Large Rectangular sizes, all of which are available with or without insulation.



length x width: 183 x 55cm / Rec: 183 x 56cm

rolled size: 10 x 17cm / Rec: 10 x 17cm

weight: 710g / Rec: 795g

no. Air Sprung Cells: 548 / Rec: 596



length x width: 201 x 64cm / Rec: 203 x 65cm

rolled size: 10 x 20cm / Rec 10 x 17cm

weight: 875g / Rec: 965g

no. Air Sprung Cells: 696 / Rec: 788

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