Ultra Light

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Our Ultra Light sleeping mat range has been tuned to give you the lightest and smallest pack-volume mat without compromising on Sea to Summit’s Air Sprung Cell comfort. Their tapered profile and Single Layer construction minimise weight and bulk. Single Layer construction uses a medium resolution cell matrix to gain sufficient thickness for great cushioning and support on uneven ground. The Ultra Light is available in Small, Regular and Large sizes, and with or without insulation. 



length x width: 168 x 55cm

rolled size: 7.5 x 17cm

weight: 345g

no. Air Spring Cells: 174



length x width: 183 x 55cm

rolled size: 7.5 x 17cm

weight: 395g

no. Air Sprung Cells: 181



lenght x width 198 x 64cm

rolled weight: 7.5 x 20cm

weight: 495g

no.Air Sring Cells: 225



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