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 The Trails Badge

The trails badges were devised by Scout Leaders in the Yarra Valley region in Victoria and designed by Len Raynor (ARC Yarra Valley).  The badges are to encourage all youth members to explore various types of trails such as mountain, mineral exploration, river canoe, rail and history. It was designed as a fun activity and must always be treated that way.

There are five badges which have been designed to fit together to fomr a fleu-de-lys.  These badges can only be used on a camp fire shirt or blankets and are available from the Scout outdoor Centre.

How it works:

There are no specific rules.  The leader can decide what the rules are to be for each section, and the following suggestions are given as guidelines only –

Mountain Adventure trail

Joeys – Hike for one or two hours

Cubs – Do an easy one day hike

Scouts – An overnight hike

Venturers/Rovers/Leaders – A multi Day Hike

Mineral exploration trail

Using the same formula as that shown above for the Mountain trail of making it a little more challenging for each progressive section.

Joeys – Hike a mining trail

Cubs - Explore a mine

Scouts/Venturers/rovers/Leaders – Anything to do with mining

River Canoe Trail

Joeys -  Any type of canoeing (they are allowed to canoe under certain conditions)

Cubs – Allowed to canoe and get a canoe badge, but not on rivers.

Scouts/Venturers/rovers/Leaders – Leaders to set the criteria but could us  the time frames given for mountain trails as a guide.

Rail Trail

Bike hike on a rail trail of which there are many across Australia.  Set a distance suitable to the age group.

Walk into history

This could be an historic hike visiting some historic buildings, monuments, museums etc.  Again see the criteria according to the age group.