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Furno Stove & Pot Set:
A complete cooking system – Ultra lightweight cooking device with matching hard anodised pot set.
-       Furno stove with storage case
-       850mL pot
-       350mL pot
-       Scourer
-       Canister stabiliser
-       Total Weight: 358g
*You can also elect to buy the Stove and Pot Set separately using the drop-down box*
Furno Stove:
Ultra lightweight canister cooking device.
-       Stainless steel and aluminium alloy construction
-       Three stabilising arms for pot support
-       Adjustable heat output
-       Boils 1L of water in 3 min, 20 sec
-       High power output: 11,900 BTU/hr
-       Lightweight: 99g
Furno Pot Set:
The Furno pot set consists of an 850mL and 350mL pot which fit together and pack away easily with insulated folding handles
-       850mL large pot
-       350mL smaller pot doubles as lid
-       Hard anodised aluminium pots
-       Integrated folding insulated handles on both pots
-       Scourer and mesh carry bag
-       Weight: 214g

The Furno Stove and canister stabiliser can nestle within pots for packing. 

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