Nesting Wine Glass & Wine Preserver

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Nesting Wine Glass

Lightweight, nesting drinkware that goes anywhere.

Durable base snaps into rim for efficient packing and storing Made of BPA-Free Copolyester



WEIGHT: 2.4 oz.

DIMENSIONS: 3.10" x 3.10" x 4.50"

MATERIAL: Copolyester

PRODUCT USE: Car Camping  Gourmet Backpacking 

INCLUDES: 9.2 fl. oz. Wine Glass, Nesting Stem Base




Whether you are a connoisseur, an enthusiast or a casual admirer of wine, one truth remains: the delicate taste of wine changes upon exposure to oxygen. That means wine is best enjoyed within a few hours of being opened. If not properly preserved, wine can go bad in as little as 2 to 8 hours.

Don't minimize oxygen exposure. Eliminate it.

PlatyPreserve is the best way to protect the taste of an open bottle of wine. Alternative methods might have you pump air out of your wine bottle or inject gas into the bottle. With PlatyPreserve, you simply transfer your un-finished wine into an air tight reservoir, protecting the taste so it can be enjoyed days or even weeks later.

Collapsible containers offer an easy, lightweight alternative to transport and enjoy wine wherever you go. Durable materials ensure superior leak protection. Food-grade lining is 100% taste-free, preserving the taste of your wine.


Capacity 800 ML
Weight .8 oz / 24 g
Width 6.3 in / 16 cm
Height 10.25 in / 26 cm
Capacity .8 liters
Film Nylon/PE
Spout material PE
Cap material PP