Robin Hoodless 0

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Robin Hoodless 0

The Robin Hoodless 0 is juuuust right: not too hot and not too cold! It's great for travel in both warm and cold climates. These very roomy rectangular bags can also be zipped together for those romantic occasions... Available in regular size only.

There are options to suit everyone from the car camper to the backpacker with this multi-purpose shell. The generous rectangular shape makes this the ideal bag for those who want plenty of room, and it can also be opened out to make a queen-size doona. We’ve dispensed with the weight of a technical hood, replacing it with a sleeve: insert your own pillow or, when you’re not using your bag, stuff it inside the sleeve to make an awesome travel pillow. V-baffles, 700 loft duck down and a draft tube on the zip help to keep the chill out while you camp out.

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The Robin Hoodless is a very versatile travelling companion:

1. For short stays and on-the-move travelling, fill the pillow slip with a pillow and use it as a normal sleeping bag.

2. For long stay travel, open it up and pop it into a doona cover to create a cosy, home-away-from-home feel.

3. If you're on the move, make a beautiful down-filled pillow by stuffing it into its integrated pillow slip - great for long, bumpy bus rides.

The Robin Hoodless is filled with our 700+ loft duck down. This is our best value down, perfect for applications where minimum weight and packed size are not critical.

Temperature rating : in accordance with EN 13537



Bag weight (g)

R: 1110

Fill type 700+ loft duck down
Inner and outer fabric 30 denier Vapour Vent
Shape Rectangular
Foot type Flat
Baffles V-baffles
Temperature ratings, ºC 7 comfort, 0 limit of comfort, -10 extreme
Season rating 2/3
Possible uses Travel
Zips (left, right)

L, R

Size (user height x shoulder circumference, cm)
187 x 160
Colours Lime/black, red/black


Technical Information
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