Bungle -10

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Bungle -10

Well suited for year-round use, the Bungle is versatile: warm enough for bushwalking, light enough for travelling, comfortable enough for anything… The 30-denier Vapour Vent fabric is strong and highly breathable, allowing water vapour to pass through easily so the 700+ duck down can loft to its full potential. The combination of vertical and cross baffles and the 3D neck muff add warmth and comfort.

The Bungle bags are filled with our 700+ loft duck down. This is our best value down, perfect for applications where minimum weight and packed size are not critical.

V2-30D logoThe Bungle -10 is designed to cope with the variety of conditions you will encounter as you travel your way around the world. If you are planning to go to colder climates such as northern Europe or are a cold sleeper this is the perfect bag for you. Available in small, regular and large sizes.



Temperature rating : in accordance with EN 13537



Bag weight (g)

S: 1210
R: 1330
L: 1430

Fill type 700+ loft duck down
Inner and outer fabric 30 denier Vapour Vent
Shape Tapered rectangular
Foot type 3D taper
Baffles Vertical and cross
Temperature ratings, ºC -4 comfort, -10 limit of comfort, -29 extreme
Season rating 3
Possible uses Cold climate travel and camping
Zips (left, right)

S: R
R: L, R
L: L

Sizes (user height x shoulder circumference, cm)
S: 175 x 145
R: 185 x 160
L: 200 x 168
Colours S, L: red/black
R: lime/black, red/black



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