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Cocoon -5

The Cocoon is our best shot yet at producing a simple and effective solution to the age-old problem with sleeping bags: getting warmth and compactability without weight and bulk. It has one of the best warmth-to-weight ratios in our range, making it a popular choice for the lightweight adventurer. The sumptuous, highly breathable 15-denier Vapour Vent is used as both inner and outer fabric; it’s a real weight saver, as is the body-hugging mummy shape and half-length zip. The 800+ loft goose down fills the bags with warm, silky luxury, and it won’t go anywhere thanks to the combination of vertical chest baffles and our V2-15D logofamous V-baffles. The 3D neck muff and double draft stoppers on the zip also stop your warmth escaping. The removable pillow slip helps your night time metamorphosis into a well-rested, happy little camper. This is a serious piece of gear - not to be loaned to the kids for sleepovers or to your mother-in-law!

The Cocoon bags are filled with our 800+ loft goose down. This excellent fill packs down small, easily lofts back up to its tendrilly best and is very durable; it's perfect for applications where size and weight count.

The Cocoon -5 is intended for use in colder conditions or by cold sleepers. If you like to travel simple and light, or just prefer to save on the bed and pack more red, this is the bag for you. Available in regular and large sizes.



Temperature rating : in accordance with EN 13537



Bag weight (g)

R: 740
L: 830

Fill type 800+ loft goose down
Inner and outer fabric 15 denier Vapour Vent
Shape Mummy
Foot type Box
Baffles Vertical and V-baffle
Temperature ratings, ºC 1 comfort, -5 limit of comfort, -22 extreme
Season rating 3/4
Possible uses Ultralight bushwalking in all seasons

Left only

Sizes (user height x shoulder circumference, cm)
R: 187 x 160
L: 195 x 178
Colours R: mako/savvy
L: thunder/oyster



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