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Suggested use: Trekking; Travel; Hiking; Camping

Season ratings: Indoor/Summer/Spring/Autumn

A quintessential mummy shaped sleeping bag

"We venture into the wild to get away from it all, surrounded by the rawness of nature. Active days, fresh air, inspiring scenery and long cosy nights. There's no better feeling than settling into your sleeping bag at the end of a full day in the knowledge that you won't be waking to another round of commuter hell and email overload.

But, it's only good if you're warm and comfortable, so you need to make sure you've  chosen the right bag. To help you make that choice, in our quest for the best range of bags on the planet, we've taken many of the great features of our Alpine and Traverse sleeping bags and put them into a more affordable package to create the Talus series of sleeping bags."

Tim Macartney-Snape

The Talus series offers some of the best warmth to weight sleeping bags but incorporated into the classic relaxed mummy design are many innovative and comfort enhancing features.

The hood is designed to cocoon your head completely, maximising the  available loft without making it feel claustrophobic. An adjustable collar helps to fine tune your temperature control and both its' draw cord channel and that of the hoods' are buried deep within the down so there are no harsh edges to push into your neck or face. There's a discreet zippered internal pocket, and the main zipper has an anti snag system that really works!

The cut of the bag and baffles are engineered so that none of the down used is restricted from reaching its maximum loft (and therefore insulation value). It involves using differentially cut, three-dimensional side-walls and curved baffles.

The Talus series introduces a new Nylon 2D NanoShell outer shell fabric, specially engineered to be very breathable (MVTR: 7,500g/m2/24hr) yet still manages to have excellent water resistance (in excess of 1,000mm). Good breathability is essential in minimising condensation of body moisture on the inside of the shell, a problem that over a number of nights can dampen the down filling enough to compromise its insulation value.

The Talus series is our choice as an excellently featured utility bag to take on any activity to anywhere but the most extreme climates.





Relaxed mummy; Nylon 2D NanoShell™; differential cut shell with 3D side walls; offset baffles; 60/40 fill ratio; side block baffle; anatomically tapered foot; zip draft tube with anti-snag; neck draft tube with dual elastic adjustment; cushioned internal hood drawcord with dual adjustment; 2 way YKK #5 zips medium sized internal zip pocket; includes lightweight Ultra-Sil® compression bag, mesh storage cell and laundry bag.

Down: ULTRA-DRY Down™ 750+ Loft 90/10 Premium Duck Down

Compression bag: Small – 10 to 3.3Ls

The lightest Talus, a great three-season for those wanting a more traditional bag that is light and compact. Doing a road trip with some overnight walks thrown in as well? Taking off on an extended overseas backpacking sojourn? This bag will give you peace of mind without weighing you down unnecessarily.

Fill weight:     Short 380g | 13oz

                    Regular 400g | 14oz

                    Long 440g | 16oz

Bag weight:    Short 820g | 1lb 13oz

                    Regular 880g | 1lb 15oz

                    Long 995g | 2lb 3oz

Length / zip   options:                  Short – right zip

                                               Regular – left or right zip

                                              Long – left zip



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