Camp Lite 0

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*Many One Planet sleeping bags are made to order in their Melbourne factory! - Orders of these bags may take 7-10 business days to arrive in store*



This budget-friendly bag is perfect for camping – who would have thought! The Camp Lite 0 is designed for two/three season camping where minimum packed size and weight are not a priority.

Tapered rectangular shape gives extra room and versatility.
Our famous V-baffles keep the fill where it’s needed, or allow down to be shaken from top to bottom to suit the weather.
Filled with One Planet's water-repellent DWR DOWN in 700+ loft.
Made from durable, highly breathable 50-denier Vapour Vent fabric.
Three-dimensional hood and foot increase comfort and warmth.
The 3D neck muff and twin draft tubes on the zip keep warm air in.
Zips can be opened fully for more versatility.
Available in small, regular and large sizes.




Bag weight (g)
 S: 890
R: 1000
L: 1100
Fill type
 700+ loft DWR DOWN
Inner and outer fabric
 50 denier Vapour Vent
 Tapered rectangular
Foot type
 3D taper
Temperature ratings, ºC
 7 comfort, 0 limit of comfort, -10 extreme
   Season rating
Possible uses
 2/3 season camping and bushwalking
 S: right
R: left, right
L: left

Sizes (user height x shoulder circumference, cm)
 S: 173 x 153
R: 183 x 172
L: 195 x 179
Stuff sack capacity (litres)
 S, R: 4
L: 6


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One Planet DWR DOWN

Down is the best insulation for lightweight camping gear due to its loft, compressibility and durability. However, this golden fibre has a failing: its ability to insulate drastically decreases when it is wet.

The solution is now here – DWR DOWN. This down has been selected to meet our rigorous standards, with a durable water-repellent (DWR) treatment applied after the cleaning and sorting process.

The benefits of DWR DOWN are:

It absorbs less water in damp conditions.
It retains higher loft (insulation) in damp conditions.
It dries faster.
The Camp Lite bags are filled with our 700+ loft DWR DOWN. This is our best value down, perfect for applications where minimum weight and packed size are not critical.



Sleeping bag fabric must perform a number of roles: keep the fill in the bag; allow body generated moisture to get out; and the shell fabric must also keep external moisture out in some conditions.

Fabrics that are ‘downproof by construction’ are ideal as they don’t use coatings which can reduce breathability: instead, the very tight weave prevents down from escaping.


Vapour Vent (V2)


Vapour Vent (V2) is used as the inner in all One Planet sleeping bags and as the shell for most. This durable, tightly-woven fabric is ‘downproof by construction’: the weave is so tight down cannot escape through the cloth. Coatings are not required, so body vapour can vent through the fabric more effectively, reducing moisture build-up in the down and allowing it to loft to its full potential. We use three weights of the silky V2 fabric, differentiated by their denier. (The fineness of thread is measured in denier: the finer the thread, the lower the denier and the lighter, more silky and expensive the fabric.)

This 50-denier polyester fabric is slightly heavier and more robust, perfect for making tough, reliable sleeping bags such as the Camp Lite.

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