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Cheap Hotel 11

V2-30D logoThe Cheap Hotel is ideal for summer camping, travelling, hostels and sleepovers. Although more basic than the Sac, it still uses the technical X-Static® silver fibreinsulation and 30 denier Vapour Vent fabric. It is also the smallest of the synthetic bags when packed in its stuff sack.

This easy-care sleeping bag is designed for general use and is available in regular and large sizes.

The synthetic range is made in China due to manufacturing constraints in the Melbourne factory. For all the performance benefits of X-Static®, click here.



Temperature rating : in accordance with EN 13537



Bag weight (g)

R: 680
L: 710

Fill type X-Static® fibre
Inner and outer fabric 30 denier Vapour Vent
Shape Tapered rectangular
Foot type 3D taper
Temperature ratings, ºC 14 comfort, 11 limit of comfort, -2 extreme
Season rating 2
Possible uses General use, two-season travel, summer camping
Zips (left, right)

R: L, R
L: L

Sizes (user height x shoulder circumference, cm)
R: 187 x 160
L: 195 x 175
Colours R: blue/black, silver/black
L: blue/black


Technical Information
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