Mont Fabric Technology

Mont Adventure Equipment was conceived in Canberra in 1981 when they made their first down jackets and sleeping bags. Over twenty-five years down the track they are a dedicated team of adventurers who incorporate bushwalking, skiing, climbing, cycling and travel experiences into developing and testing Mont products that allow you the freedom to enjoy life’s great adventures.

Mont has been awarded multiple Australian design marks and patents, and their gear continues to set new standards. They now enjoy a reputation for innovative design and dependability achieved through an ongoing commitment to function, quality and performance.

High Performance Fabric Technology
Hydronaute’s high performance waterproof, highly breathable and windproof technology guarantees protection in all conditions. The combination of high performance new-age face fabrics with innovative laminate technology means superior weatherproofness and enhanced comfort.
Face Fabric Selection
The face fabric is a crucial factor in the performance of Mont Hydronaute™ garments. It affects the durability, breathability and ‘feel’ of Hydronaute™. Our access to the most advanced face fabrics means that Mont Outerwear is technically superior to previously used fabric technologies. In particular, the face fabric in our Bushwalking range has increased abrasion resistance, tear strength and pinhole resistance.

Comfort in the Extreme
In all conditions Hydronaute PRO™ provides a superior level of performance, delivering significantly enhanced breathability while maintaining a totally waterproof and windproof barrier.
Leaving in its wake the limitations of microporous tehnologies, Hydronaute PRO™ fabrics, with their Hydrophyllic membranes, extend the range of breathable performance in real conditions, and raises the benchmark for durable waterproof breathable technology.

Hydronaute PRO™ - Superior Breathability
Hydronaute PRO™ utilises the latest technology in bonding the breathable membrane to the face fabric. Unlike the bonding agents of most microporous fabrics which clog pores, Hydronatue PRO’s is breathable in itself. This allows for a greater volume of moisture vapour to be transported through the membrane.
This new adhesive also allows for a much stronger lamination between the membrane and face fabric resulting in a high level of durability.
The most durable waterproof breathable technology is now here. 


Lightweight performance
In all conditions, Hydronaute Ultra 2.5™ provides the ultimate in lightweight performance – delivering a high level of breathability while maintaining a totally waterproof and windproof barrier.
The combination of a lightweight face fabric, a highly waterproof breathable membrane and a unique printed polymer finish, provides superior performance in the harshest of conditions.
Hydronaute Ultra 2.5™ is the perfect balance between compact, lightweight and waterproof breathable technology.

Dry Touch
A printed polymer finish, applied to the membrane, enhances durability and eliminates the need for bulky tricot mesh lining.
This unique ‘dry touch’ finish dramatically improves next to skin comfort and breathability.
The result is one of increased durability and comfort in lightweight, compact, performance shell.

Hydronaute XT™ is the only choice when it comes to the protection of your down products from wind and moisture.
Hydronaute XT™ has been developed specifically to protect and enhance the performance of sleeping bags and down clothing. It makes the best insulation even better.

Unrivalled Durability
The Hydronaute XT™ membrane technology and lamination process is extremely durable and unlike lightly coated or silicon finished products will not diminish so the performance of your down product will be maintained for many years.

Protection inside and out
Hydronaute XT™ protects down from moisture on the outside, but it’s on the inside of the bag where Hydronaute XT™ really proves its worth.
Moisture vapour produced by the body can condense in the down of the sleeping bag reducing its ability to loft.
With Hydronaute XT™, moisture vapour is pulled through the membrane via a molecular chain keeping down drier, maintaining loft and ensuring a more comfortable sleep.

The new feel-good technology from Schoeller® Switzerland offers three functions in one. The superior 3XDRY® finish operates in three ways:

Outside – The 3XDRY® finish on your clothing repels moisture and is highly breathable. At the same time, 3XDRY® makes the garment less susceptible to soiling.

Inside - 3XDRY® transports moisture rapidly from the inside to the outside where it can effectively evaporate. This supports natural body functions and increases the overall feeling of comfort.

Incredibly Fast Drying – Garments with 3XDRY® dry significantly faster than other materials. 3XDRY® prevents shivering after active phases as perspiration cannot be trapped in the clothing. Also, garments with 3XDRY® will dry in a flash after washing.

Garments treated with 3XDRY® also feature Fresh Plus treatement, which prevents the development of bacteria and unpleasant odors.

All Schoeller® soft-shells™fabrics used by Mont incorporate Schoeller’s® outstanding 3XDRY® treatement.

Schoeller® WE-400 extreme
Schoeller® WB-400 extreme is an all-in-one three layer fabric which will keep you comfortably warm and dry.
The synthetic outer layer incorporates a Cordura® weave for superior abrasion resistance. The mid-layer is a breathable PU coating and the inside layer offers a variety of linings appropriate to the end user.
Schoeller® WB-400 extreme is the optimal soft-shell fabric collection for multi-seasonal outdoor activities and is featured in Mont’s Meteor and Space Junky models.

Main Characteristics

  • Reliable water and wind resitance
  • Extreme air permeability (breathability)
  • Hard wearing, long lasting, abrasion and pilling resistant fabrics
  • Soft, light and permanent shape retention
  • Unsurpassed comfort and true freedom of movement
  • Fast drying 3XDRY® treatment
  • New technology, new looks, warmth and heat retention