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We thought it was about time to give you an update on the features available to you online at


As always


YES – you can order all your Scouting uniforms & badge requirements and have it all charged to your group account (Scout groups only), or pay by credit card

YES – you can opt to either have the order delivered or available for collection at the store


New To SOC online


Save time, save your details - You can now save your name/address order details through the use of a simple username and password.  This is designed to save you time especially if you place regular orders online, rather than having to complete these details each time from scratch, instead when you login they will magically appear again

Sort the products your way – you can now sort the products contained on any page by name, brand or price (hi-low or low-hi)

Changes to the Home page – you will notice the home page has expanded to allow for more content and at the bottom a direct feed through to our Facebook page, now you can keep an eye on any interesting posts without having to login into Facebook directly, very handy if you’re at work!

Changes to the Uniform Shop page – we have taken away the pop up menu and implemented an actual page with static menus.   Hopefully this will make it easier for people to keep up to date with any new Scouting products arriving in stock, as well as any important news, so keep an eye on this page


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